RIFT is Overrun with Razorbacks! Round ‘em up July 23-29


Razorbacks are going hog wild in RIFT! Now through July 29, you’ll have a chance to get a brand-new mount by helping terrified Telarans fend off these predatory pigs.

Get to wrasslin’ and wranglin’ while completing Instant Adventures and closing Nightmare Rifts to earn Succulent Truffles – special event currency that can be exchanged for Razorback Troves that, when opened, may contain the mightiest swine you can ride: a brand new Armored Razorback Mount!

If you’ve been itching to rule the roads with one of these robust razorbacks, now’s your chance! Talk to your local PRI Representative to complete daily quests and get one step closer to charging into combat on the back of these battle-ready boars.