RIFT 3.2: Echoes of Madness launches April 15


Do you feel a tingling at the back of your neck, the faint wriggle of a tentacle as it tastes the base of your skull? Akylios, the god of Madness, has stirred in the depths of Hammerknell, restored by a surge of nightmares from the Plane of Water. Now, he calls to the Ascended once more, slipping into the dark recesses of hearts and minds to dare – or compel – your return to the cursed home of the Dwarves.

On April 15, Update 3.2 – Echoes of Madness – will open the door to new challenges and adventures in one of the most beloved raids in RIFT. Start your preparations today with in-depth looks at the Hammerknell raid, revamped Wardrobe System, and new and improved Instant Adventures, or peruse our latest Tale of the Deep to uncover the origin of one of Hammerknell’s titanic automatons: Vladmal Prime.