RIFT 3.0 Feature Preview: Masteries


New Mastery bonuses and abilities are yours to command in RIFT 3.0. Join Kervik for a preview of the new system and prepare for launch on Oct. 22!

Mastering Masteries

Instead of earning additional Soul Points as you level your way through Nightmare Tide, you’ll unlock access to new bonuses and abilities known as Masteries. Each level you gain (from 61-65) opens a new tier of Masteries and gives you one point to spend on whichever ability you’d like (max 1/tier).

We had balance in mind when choosing Masteries as our new method of advancement. Many Souls are currently built in ways that rely on a hard cap of 76 Soul Points (and adding more points would have required restructuring almost all of our soul trees and roots!). Rather than try to rebalance all Souls and builds at once, we’re using Masteries to compliment and expand upon existing builds and rotations.

Choices Galore

Each Calling has its own collection of Masteries for you to choose from. Once you have selected your Masteries, they will be saved as part of your role. If you swap roles, they will swap as well. You can also change which Masteries you have selected at any time while you are out of combat. This allows you to fine-tune the bonuses you receive based on the enemies you face.

Most Masteries provide a general primary bonus and a secondary bonus that focuses on individual abilities and Souls. These secondary bonuses have several types of effects ranging from increasing the functionality of a given ability (or type of ability) to improving utility and hybridization options for others.

Masteries from level 61 to level 64 focus on passive bonuses. The primary bonus on these Masteries will generally fit a theme for all Masteries at the same level:

  • Level 61: Survivability
  • Level 62: Healing
  • Level 63: Utility
  • Level 64: Damage

When you hit level 65, you’ll unlock the final tier of Masteries along with an array of active abilities. These are aimed at supplementing multiple builds, allowing you to add damage to a healing build, or even give some healing to a pure DPS build.

Without covering all of the Masteries (there are a lot!), here are two highlights you’ll want to note: Masteries introduce Ethereal damage, a new type that effectively ignores 100% of enemy resistances and armor. And whereas passive soul tree damage/healing bonuses are additive, Mastery bonuses are multiplicative with all other bonuses of the same type. This makes them much more effective than a similar bonus within an existing Soul would be!


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