RIFT 2.8: Madness Wakes is Live

2.8 out now

The Infinity Gate lumbers through portentous skies as a dark presence returns to Telara. From the forests of Silverwood to the shores of Pelladane, mortals succumb to a magical sleep. And somewhere off Fortune’s Shore, across a bridge unopened, nightmares plot a haunting reunion with their unwitting creators. Madness Wakes has arrived!

RIFT 2.8 unleashes a story arc surging toward the Nightmare Tide expansion. It throws open the gates to Nightmare Coast, the first RIFT 3.0 Dungeon pitting the Ascended against Lord Arak and his troubled minions with huge implications for the future of the planes. Meanwhile, seas of change bring major additions to Auction House features, a full revamp for the Pyromancer Soul, and more!

New Dungeon: Nightmare Coast

On the outskirts of Fortune’s Shore, Hydal Ithral and his coven of Mindshapers are gathering the nightmares of sleeping Telarans. Tapping the power of the Plane of Water, they imbue these otherwise harmless phantoms with terrifying corporeality and unified purpose: the destruction of their dreaming creators.

To purge the Nightmare Coast, you must battle past Ithral and the risen shade of one of RIFT’s most feared (and tentacled) evils. Beyond waits Dalraak, the leader of a cult of lunatic warriors who toil to complete a bridge between Telara and the Plane of Water. Defeat them to unlock an all-important encounter with the Lord of Nightmares … and dreams you’d rather repress!

Auction House Revamp

Tired of having to buy a large stack of items when you only need one? Rejoice in the new and improved Auction House featuring item previews, price history, buy orders, and the ability to buy individual items out of a stack! Sellers have even more to look forward to, including the ability to conveniently relist auctions through mail.

Pyromancer Reforged

Madness Wakes’ major update for the Pyromancer means an end to Combust stack management plus more instant Cinder Burst casts and deadlier Fireballs (to name just a few of the changes we have in store!). Come check out all of the Soul’s updated abilities and talents now available in RIFT 2.8.

View the full patch notes here.


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