RIFT 2.7: Binding of Blood Coming May 7


Heroes have found their options expanded, with the opportunity to fill new roles for their Calling. Follow the words of an ancient Dwarf, and dig deep into the origins of these new souls. Simultaneously travel back in time, and prevent a mysterious foe from changing the history of Telara forever.

RIFT 2.7 arrives next week with new Souls, new content, and a bevy of user interface upgrades. Read on for a glimpse at what’s coming on May 7th and beyond!


Four New Souls

Available at the RIFT Store, these souls will allow Warriors and Rogues to heal, Mages to tank, and Clerics new avenues of support! Whether you want to play Oracle or Arbiter, Liberator or Physician, these new souls allow an almost infinite number of new build possibilities!

New Quests

All new multi-chapter Soul Quests (available to everyone) will explore the lore behind the origin of these new souls.

UI Upgrades

All sorts of quality of life upgrades are coming to a UI near you! Crafting, Quests, Macros, Wardrobe, and Achievement Tracking U.I.s have all been improved for RIFT 2.7. We’re also adding all new text color options, to grant you full control over how text displays.

Coming Later in RIFT 2.7

More Tier 3 Raids

Akylios and Lord Greenscale were not the only Dragons whose history has been tampered with. Only the most skilled, and perhaps most foolhardy, of adventurers will attempt to bind Laethys and Maelforge. If proud heroes do not complete these bindings however, the impact on Telara could be dire!

Greenscale Warfront

Grab 14 of your closest friends and battle your way through a claustrophobic hedge maze with danger around every corner. Will you carry your flag to victory, or score points through control of the central platform? The choice is yours!

Hellbugs Return

The Hellbugs are returning in RIFT to celebrate the launch of Defiance Season 2. Keep an eye out for future announcements to learn all the details on this exciting event!

Unicorn Celebration

Celebrate with our equine companions in a weeklong frenzy of everything unicorn. Arise to the aid of unicorn foals, and rejoic in the knowledge that you will have helped these noble steeds. Who knows, if you are pure in heart you may even have a chance to ride one of them!


Every adventurer needs a chance to relax in the sun, or perhaps battle it out with Swarmlord Khargroth. Summerfest returns in RIFT 2.7, along all the scavenger hunts, companions, and quests you remember from previous Summerfests!