Razorback Roundup Runs Now through May 13


Rebellious Razorbacks are out of control, and we need your help to round them up!

New Promo Event: Razorback Roundup

A new breed of raging Razorbacks are boar-ing and goring their way through Moonshade, and terrorized Telarans are squealing for help.

Now through May 13 you can pitch in by capturing boars, completing Instant Adventures, and battling the spawn of Nightmare Rifts. You’ll earn Succulent Truffles along the way, plus a chance of finding a (hog) wild new mount!

Do you have what it takes to bring home the bacon?

Ride the Spawn of Rognar!

These battle-scarred boars are the latest and greatest addition to our stable of mounts. We’ll be rooting for you to find your own porcine protector – available now as a rare drop from Razorback Troves!