Raid Target® or GAME UK® Stores, Get Bonus Loot


Say you’re happily questing in Target, farming provisions for the Plane of Water when a Raid Rift tears through Cosmetics three aisles to the left. Or maybe you’re Wii®ing at the GAME UK where Regulos takes tea.

Do you faint? Take cover in the Toilet? Mash Soul Recall and hope for the best?

No. You’re an Ascended warrior, killer of dragons, drinker of mead. You know where they keep the $ 20/£10 RIFT Game Cards (that, for a limited time, come with bonus Spectral Supply Crates*) and you take matters into your own hands.

With you, this store stands a chance.

*Promo available until you close the rift, we run out of cards, or Target and GAME UK say we have to turn it off. RIFT Game Cards come loaded with Credits for all-things-amazing on the RIFT Store. Spectral Supply Crates contain currency and a chance at rare armor/costume items/Volt (the scaly tentacled hovering mount)/a Radiant Infinity Cell/other awesome shinies. No purchase necessary to play RIFT. Like, ever. No Trials. No Tricks. No Traps!


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