Premium Mounts going account-wide


Budgie, strider, and squirrel riders take note: Premium Mounts you’ve collected are now available to all of the characters on your account! To celebrate (and say thanks for all of your feedback), we’re also taking 25% off all mounts Feb. 21-23.

Turning the “all for one” approach to collecting mounts into “one for all” is an idea that started in the Community and soon caught fire with alts across Telara. It’s one that we’re very happy to roll out and applies to all of the Premium Mounts you’ve purchased for credits or earned from boxes (a growing stable that will include mounts debuting in the weeks and months to come).

Other highlights from this week’s patch include buffs for subscribers: Patrons will get an updated weekly treasure chest with a chance to drop a Budgie, and Patron boosts now stack with all other boosts. To read all of this week’s patch notes, click here.

The Premium Stable: Account-wide mounts

  • Amethyst Ki Rin
  • Black Dire Riding Squirrel
  • Brown Riding Squirrel
  • Ember Nebula
  • Frosty Budgie
  • Tropical Budgie
  • Golden Armored Spindrel
  • Red and Iron Empyreal Walker
  • The Reaper
  • Ruby Ki Rin
  • Glowing Amethyst Ki Rin
  • Glowing Emerald Ki Rin
  • Glowing Ruby Ki Rin
  • Glowing Sapphire Ki Rin
  • Cinder Hellbug
  • Gulanite Hellbug
  • Lavender Hellbug
  • Shadow Hellbug
  • Skittering Hellbug
  • Toxic Hellbug
  • Armored Black Tiger
  • Armored White War Tiger
  • Black Riding Tiger
  • Black Valmera
  • Bounding Devourer
  • Emerald Ki Rin
  • Ice Strider
  • Riding Behemoth
  • Shaper Beast
  • Stolen Eldritch Steed
  • Escalating Chestnut Horse Bridle
  • Escalating Bay Horse Bridle
  • Escalating Chocolate Horse Bridle
  • Escalating White Valmera Collar
  • Escalating Buff Valmera Collar
  • Escalating Frost Valmera Collar
  • Escalating Spotted Valmera Collar
  • Escalating Smoke Valmera Collar