Patron Benefits Supercharged!


We’ve buffed our Patron subscription option with new and improved benefits! In addition to the extra currency, summons, Mount speed, store discounts, artifact tracking, daily quests, and bonus loot Patrons currently enjoy (whew, that’s a mouthful), we’re adding rewards that Ascend the Ascended experience like never before: Passive 40% Experience, Favor, Notoriety, Prestige, and Token Boosts: No longer will you have to choose when to use your daily boosts, they’ll always be on for Patrons!

Mounted Command: In addition to your mounted speed bonus, time to mount will be reduced by 25% and your chance to be dismounted will be reduced by 5%.

Patron Fast Pass: Traveling to the Porticulum is so passé. With the Patron Fast Pass you can teleport from any location once every 30 minutes!

Marvelous Luck: Get rewarded with an increased chance for Marvelous loot from Supply Crates!

Patron Focus: Use your planar abilities more often with (15-min) faster cooldowns on:

  • Archaic Tablet
  • Charged Mirror
  • Consuming Flame
  • Petrified Rune
  • Renewing Seed
  • Soul Crystal

Become a Patron today and supercharge your time in Telara!


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