Nightmare Tide Storms to Shore: Open Beta is Live!


Batten down the hatches and prepare for the surge, Nightmare Tide Open Beta has arrived! Joining is easy: Just open Glyph, browse to RIFT, select “PTS” from the list of servers in the top-right corner, click “INSTALL” (or “UPDATE”), and prepare to be transported to the murky depths of the Plane of Water!

Aid the Atragarians, lose your mind in the alleys of Draumheim, and scale a glacier to do battle with the Sharax, a race of Ice Giants who have broken their ancient vows.

Nightmare Tide launches on October 8, 2014. Make ready while time remains!


Edit2: I’m using the ‘Razer Hydra’ for control, with the ‘Oculus Rift’ for viewing. Ok this video was half for showing off the amazing job the devs have done…