Nightmare RIFT Named Best in Show at PAX!


It’s not often an expansion recieves high honors, but our friends at MMORPG have graced us with Best in Show at PAX! We’re awfully proud of the work the RIFT team is doing on Nightmare Tide, but when we sat down with the crew at MMORPG to give them an early look at the free expansion they were visibly excited. Head over to read the complete article, or jump to the Nightmare Tide page and check out all the latest expansion information like the release of our Digital Collector Editions!

Also, make sure you join us for a wave of RIFT 3.0 live streams starting Friday at 3:00pm PDT, when we’ll take a look at expansion Dimensions, Crafting, and our all-new Minions system!

  • Tune in Wed., Sept. 17 at 1:30pm PDT for a first look at Nightmare Rifts and Gyel Fortress.
  • Then watch Friday, Sept. 19 at 1:30pm PDT for our first-ever preview of Tarken Glacier and the Glacial Maw dungeon!

Thanks again MMORPG!