New security feature for Glyph!


Starting Thursday, we are adding a new security feature to Glyph to help keep your account safe.

When you log in from a new computer or a place that we haven’t seen you log in from before, you’ll be asked to verify that it really is you that’s logging in, by entering a code emailed to your account’s primary email address.

The Details

The updated login screen now only asks for your account name and password. Once you have successfully entered the correct account name and password, you will have to verify your identity.

For those of you who use the Glyph or RIFT Authenticator, you’ll notice that the code entry has moved to a step after login. You can enter the code from your authenticator there and, optionally, whitelist your computer so you don’t have to enter codes when you log in using it in the future.

If you don’t have a Glyph or RIFT Authenticator attached to your account, you’ll receive an authentication code via email. You’ll need to enter that code to proceed. You can choose to whitelist the computer that you are on so you don’t have to get a code every time.

If you’ve whitelisted the computer that you’re on, you won’t have to enter a code again to log in to Glyph as long as the computer doesn’t change. If you log in from a new location, get a new computer, or your ISP changes your computer’s IP address, then you’ll be asked for a code again.

If you’re a RIFT player, the computers that you have authorized in the past with RIFT’s Coin Lock security will automatically be whitelisted.

If you’d like to use a mobile authenticator on your account, please check out the Glyph Authenticator for iOS or the RIFT Authenticator for Android and Windows Phone.

If you have any issues with access to your account, please contact our Customer Service Team for assistance.


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