New Budgie mounts come to RIFT


The race is on for the newest addition to Telara’s mount menagerie! The adorable Frosty Budgie is a feisty, feathered rare-drop from Limited Edition: Budgie Troves available now through Feb. 11.

Get your first Trove (and the new Chicken Run achievement) by winning daily Budgie races held in Silverwood, Freemarch, Pelladane, and Cape Jule. Looking for an Ashen Budgie? Visit the RIFT Store for additional Troves and Bird Seed!

Pictured: Frosty Budgie (Ascendavian squeesus) Planar Affiliation: Life; suspected: Air. Physiology: Strong mantle with varietal plumage. Feathers ill-suited for flight. Status: Undergoing domestication. Field Notes: Swift, loyal, and filled with Squeeeee!


ICH HAB' MICH ERSCHROCKEN! | Oculus Rift | LetsTaddl

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