Meet the Dream Weaver


When phantoms reign and nightmares rise, where naught is what it seems, we’ll sail beneath the moonlit tide for those who weave with dreams. – Songs of Ghar

Ascended, rest assured you’re not dreaming: A new crafting profession makes landfall in RIFT 2.6! It’s called Dream Weaver, and it’s set to inspire (and raise the stakes for) Dimensions across Telara.

Dream Weaving is about bringing players’ imaginations to life. As a Weaver, you’ll craft VFX, lighting, and special items for use in Dimensions. You’ll create elements like fire, water, motes, and smoke, plus object-free lighting and particle effects you can add anywhere (and to anything) you like in your favorite retreats.

Imagine, on one hand, making candle flames to lap at the shadows surrounding an eerie tomb. Too subtle? Build a roiling waterfall to power an ironworks churning out lightning and steam!

Part of what makes these items so exciting are the 15 Dimensions also launching with RIFT 2.6. Dream Weavers alone can forge keys to the new Dimensions, including some of the most open and diverse settings we’ve done to date.

Of course, not everyone is a die-hard Dimensioneer, so Dream Weavers have a second specialty: crafting rune-like Dream Orb armor enhancements for all to use. Orbs have varying bonuses that will stack with your current runes. As with dreams, they’re a bit unpredictable, increasing a range of potential stats.

What powers all of these Orbs, effects, keys, and items? Artifacts! Or rather, Dream Ribbon: the magical essence that remains after Dream Weavers break artifacts down. Needless to say, this adds even more value to the shinies you find throughout Telara (and, off the record, we recommend you plunder extras from your server’s AH before the patch goes live).

Can’t wait to weave? Stay tuned for an in-depth feature closer to the launch of 2.6!