Mech Mayhem Returns in Temporal Flux


Join us Mar. 13-20 for Temporal Flux, a “Mech Week 2.0” world promo event bringing Temporal Rifts and a new mechanized mount to Telara!

Temporal Flux starts with daily quests offered by the Planar Research Institute in Sanctum, Meridian, and Tempest Bay. They reward Temporal Gears, an event currency you can use to purchase special wares from Mari, the Institute’s Quartermaster.

You’ll also get a Temporal Flux Vault for completing the “To the Strongest” quest and “I’m All Gears” achievement. Flux Vaults contain extra loot, and each has a (rare!) chance to include our new featured mech mount: the Black Walker. If you need more Gears, both Temporal Flux Vaults and Mechanized Temporal Vaults (from the first Mech Week) will be available for Credits on the RIFT Store until the end of the event!