Mayhem in Mathosia has begun!


Mayhem has begun in Mathosia! Join us in Silverwood and Freemarch to protect Telara and earn unique and rare loot!

Today and tomorrow, the following loot is up for grabs for helping with the mayhem in Silverwood and Freemarch:

  • Defiant Crest Cape
  • Guardian Crest Cape
  • Twilight Jester Hat
  • Crimson Gothic Hat
  • Lesser Experience Vial
  • Lesser Token Tablet
  • Bogling Fish Rack (dimension item)
  • Human Skull (dimension item)
  • Sapphire Ki Rin Mount
  • Asterid Hellbug Pet
  • Riot Torch (vanity weapon)

Memories During Mayhem

Elizabeth “dahanese” Tobey, Director of Community

I remember the first days of RIFT through the eyes of a player: the game launched before I started working at Trion. I was there, day one, questing for hours while talking to my friends on Mumble. I began with a Warrior, tanking our way through the early Defiant zones and dungeons, and then began a Rogue to quest alone and with my guildmates. I’d never lost myself before in a game quite like I did with RIFT. My husband still laughs when thinking about those first few weeks of the game’s life: each time I encountered a new zone boss I’d frantically call him into the room to show him how absolutely INSANE everything looked. He’d watch as I raced across the world, surrounded by dozens of other players, until we crested a hill and found a towering enemy. Joining the fight, we’d pound on him (and sometimes get smacked around instead of doing the smacking) – sparks flew, swords spun: the entire world was alive and overwhelmingly beautiful and frenetic.

Those early gaming memories brought me to Trion. I’m immensely proud to be part of the team that created the latest iteration of Mayhem in Mathosia and eagerly await the weekend when I can join the craziness once again and revel in the energy that makes Telara so awesome.


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