Join Team Trion Worlds for Extra Life: Great Loot for a Great Cause

Extra Life, a charity gaming marathon that raises money for children’s hospitals, kicks off Saturday, November 2, and Team Trion Worlds will be there with bells on!

Our team is now over 240 members strong and packed with fans and developers of RIFT and Defiance. Together, we’re trying to raise over $ 50,000 for Team Trion Worlds by gaming for 25 hours straight.

We’ve partnered with the awesome folks at Extra Life to make this event bigger and better than ever. Read on for an overview of everything that’s going on!

Game with the Trion Worlds Community Team

Elizabeth “dahanese” Tobey, Greg “OverloadUT” Laabs, and Deb “Morgana” Davis will be streaming RIFT and Defiance throughout the marathon on the official Trion Worlds Twitch channel. The broadcast begins at 9 AM PDT on Saturday, November 2 and runs until 9 AM PST on Sunday, November 3. We’ll also be giving out awesome loot throughout the show.

Special Events in RIFT and Defiance

Corgi Rifts will be popping up all over Telara throughout Extra Life weekend, and ark hunters will be able to track down a unique Extra Life vendor with awesome loot. In addition, we’ll have ramping experience and planar currency boosts all day (and night!) to help all our marathon gamers get through those last few bleary-eyed hours.

Fundraise for Team Trion Worlds, Get Sweet Loot

We’re working with Extra Life to reward Trion Worlds team members who the following fundraising milestones:

  • $ 25 milestone: Dwarven Smithy Hat in RIFT and Extra Life Lockbox in Defiance
  • $ 75 milestone: Toxic Hellbug Mount in RIFT
  • $ 125 milestone: Exclusive Extra Life Night Owl pet in RIFT and Exclusive Extra Life Scalpel Blade in Defiance
  • $ 500 milestone: 1 Year Patron Pass in RIFT for the first 10 team members and the prefix title “Kindhearted” for all who hit this goal!

Extra Loot for Extra Life Donors

It’s donors like YOU who have made all the above perks, goodies, and boosts possible. Team Trion Worlds has already raised 22% of our goal – and we fully intend to keep fundraising right up to the end of Extra Life!

  • We’ll be awarding prizes hourly the the top donors to Trion World team members.
  • We’ll be giving out multi-use codes on our live stream as we hit key goals (think $ 50,000, $ 75,000 – the sky’s the limit!).
  • Rewards include community favorites like the Helm of the Demon Lord and Tier 4 Defiance lockboxes. We also have two exclusive, made-JUST-for-Extra-Life-donor items: the Night Owl (RIFT) and Pink Scalpel (Defiance).

Unique Titles

Everyone who participates will receive the title “The Charitable”, and players who clock 25 hours of game time in Defiance and/or RIFT over the weekend will receive an additional unique in-game title.

  • First time at Extra Life? You’ll become “The Insomniac”
  • Joining us for a second time? You can rock the “Sleepless” prefix.
  • This your third year gaming with Trion? “The Committed” is our new suffix title for 2013.

Join the RIFT Extra Life Guild …

Look for TW_dahanese, TW_OverloadUT, and TW_Morgana on the Greybriar shard. We’ll be part of the Extra Life guild. All are invited to join this guild and play the night away with us.

… or Just Join Extra Life!

I’m sure by now you can tell we’re all about Team Trion Worlds (we weren’t kidding when we said we were going to make this the biggest Extra Life in our company’s history), but the most important thing for us this weekend is that we raise money and help sick kids everywhere.

That’s why we partnered with Extra Life this year to send out RIFT and Defiance starter packs to everyone who signs up to participate in the event. That’s right: Everyone who signs up for this year’s Extra Life will get a free copy of Defiance on PC and a RIFT Starter Pack that includes a 40% XP Potion, Chocolate Horse Mount, and a Screechling Pet to keep you company throughout your gaming marathon.

And there’s still time to enroll. Register with the Trion Worlds team or as an individual participant (but really – we’d love to have you!) and prepare to game, hang out, have a ton of fun, and raise money for a great cause. We’ll see you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed at 9 AM PDT, November 2!


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