You’ve gone on so many adventures for Telarans, it’s about time they did some adventuring for you!

Launching with Nightmare Tide, Minions is a resource-gathering minigame you can play within RIFT. It’s themed as a card game; you collect minion cards and select adventure cards for your minions. When your minions complete their adventures, you get the loot!

Story and Overview

The beings of Telara are so grateful for your help that some of them, like Dead Simon here, want to become your minions. You can send your minions on adventures by using their minion cards. Adventures keep minions busy for a certain amount of time, and when that time is up, your minions return victorious. When a minion earns enough experience from its adventures, it levels up and gets better at finding loot.

Minions are Special Collectibles

Your collection of minions is special – it’s shared by all of your characters on a server cluster (NA or EU). This means that you can only add one of each minion to your collection per server cluster (the minion card’s mouseover tooltip will tell you if you’ve already collected it). You can get your first minion card from a questgiver in Meridian, Sanctum, Tempest Bay, or Atragarian Well.

Reward Types

Your minions can return with crafting materials, Dimension items, artifacts, or Notoriety. In other words, you can use minions to do some of your harvesting, help you earn rep, and find free Dimension items for you. If you send a minion on an adventure that provides loot, it will always return with at least one piece of loot. Be aware that the character you have logged in when you claim an adventure’s reward can affect what loot you bring in!

Matching Attributes

When you’re choosing a minion for an adventure, match its attributes to the attributes of the adventure to improve your chances of getting better loot. For example, if you send a minion with 10 points of Fire on an adventure with the Fire attribute, that bonus of 10 will get added to your loot roll! Don’t worry if you don’t have a minion with attributes that match; nothing can make you fail an adventure.

Most minions and adventures have more than one attribute, and all attributes that can count will. For example, if you send a minion with 5 Water points and 10 Artifact points on a Water Artifact adventure, both bonuses (+15 total) will get added to your loot roll!


Some adventures have a difficulty rating. This amount gets subtracted from your loot roll and reduces your chances of getting the best loot. It’s especially smart to match attributes when you’ve selected an adventure with a difficulty rating.


Minions can’t work constantly; every adventure takes a certain amount of their stamina. But that’s ok! Minions regenerate stamina at a steady pace, and it only takes them a day to gain it all back. A minion will start regenerating as soon as it’s returned from its latest adventure, even if you haven’t claimed the adventure’s rewards yet.

Minion Availability

Minions can be found just about anywhere – as quest and Notoriety rewards, as dungeon drops, as RIFT Store items, and as special rewards from artifact collections.

We hope you have a great time collecting minions and gathering loot with their help!

Here’s to your best luck, – Lisa “Faratha” Boleyn Senior Systems Designer


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