Give a gift and get one, too


‘Tis the season for giving, and this year we’re thanking our most generous Ascended with special holiday chests.

Grandfather Frost is watching all the presents gifted through the RIFT Store now through the end of the year. Each time you send a present he makes a note, and when you reach new gifting levels (set at 3,500-Credit intervals now tracked in your Loyalty screen), he’ll send you a relic-level Gift of Giving supply crate!

In addition to its regular loot, this holiday crate holds 50 Unique Snowflakes good for a variety of Fae Yule rewards. The first time you hit this generous milestone, he’ll also send you a Yulebot 9000 pet and well-deserved title, “The Gifter”!

Read more about all of this year’s Fae Yule and enjoy the seasonal fun.


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