Get Your Games With Glyph!


We are excited to announce the launch of Glyph, a new digital client for PC games! As a player, Glyph unifies all of Trion’s games into a single client and introduces new features and conveniences:

  • Remembers you between sessions; no more logging in and out multiple times
  • Shows the latest blogs, news stories, and patch notes
  • Shows you the size of the download before you begin downloading
  • Run the Public Test Shard versions of RIFT and Defiance (just click Region and choose PTS)
  • Downtime integration; you’ll know if a server is down from the main screen
  • And more great features on the way!

Glyph also integrates more incredible games from hand-picked developers and well-known global studios. You can now purchase the first titles released through Glyph, including:

  • Banner Saga
  • Book of Unwritten Tales Deluxe
  • Dungeon of Elements
  • The Raven Deluxe
  • Reignmaker
  • Wasteland 2 (Early Access)

To keep up with the latest DRM-free games added to Glyph, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’re also just a click away with the new Glyph client, so let’s get ready to get our game on!

Download Glyph Now!