Fae Yule Returns – Dec 12 through Jan 1


Across Telara the fires have been stoked, the wreathes have been hung, and the presents are piling high. The Fae hide (and steal, and re-hide) gifts under Yuletide trees, while mead-fueled merriment sweeps up Guardians and Defiant alike. It must be time for Fae Yule! Join us this holiday season and embrace your inner werewolf in a Very Merry Warfront, tour Telara’s holiday Dimensions, and celebrate with festive zone events, Instant Adventures, rifts, footholds, special gifts, and more.

Gifts stolen from by the fae from the dragon cults will become scattered across that zone. These gifts can be collected to complete 6 artifact sets.

Yuletide Instant Adventure

Dive into a series of Fae Yule adventures from Freemarch, Silverwood, and Scarwood Reach to Cape Jule, Pelladane, and Ashora. Each zone features a village to build and decorate in the spirit of the season. Completing each village will unlock a special vendor and reveal gifts that the Fae have stolen and strewn about the zone. Collect the Fae’s treasures to complete six new artifact sets!

Very Merry Whitefall Steppes

Battle in an extra-wintery Whitefall Steppes where one person is “gifted” with a special Yuletide form. Stock your base with presents to win, but don’t be caught holding the Fae Yule Cake.

Gifts from raids …

During Fae Yule, raid bosses have a chance to drop an extra chest. Whoever opens it will receive loot (from the raid boss’s regular table) tailored specifically to their Calling!

And gifts that keep on giving

Generosity is rewarded by the Fae! Grandfather Frost is spreading cheer across Telara with gifts for those who’ve been giving.


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