Exploring Goboro Reef Part 1: Getting Your Feet Wet


On the other side of the Infinity Gate lies Goboro Reef, a majestic zone teeming with life from the wells of Atragaria to the hellish spires of Gyel Fortress. Grab your diving helmet and riding shark – it’s time to explore the deep!


When you first arrive in the domain of water, you’ll find yourself immersed in the mesmerizing beauty of Luminous Passage. This is the plane as you might imagine it: gorgeous plumes of living reef curl and stack one on top of the next, covered in writhing plants and circled by strange denizens out to catch their next meal.

It’s an environment full of hidden nooks, stunning surprises, and creatures dying to make your acquaintance. Trust the skelf on the latter, and trust the mermaids about everything else. Their emissaries will be the first to greet you, and it won’t take them long to dispel any illusion that the rest of the plane is this tranquil … or sane.



The mermaids of Atragaria rule the kingdom under the sea, tending to its myriad creatures and peoples while holding its enemies at bay. They are cunning, noble, and deeply worried about the future of the reef: A massive, unnatural spout is funneling the surrounding water into the sky above Goboro … back to the cosmic source from whence it came.

As the seas recede, the plane’s enemies are taking note: the ancient Akvan stir in their prisons while Lady Glasya’s Bloodfire army burns away the exposed reef from above. Still, some of the mermaids’ troubles are even more pressing: the vanishing ocean is whipping local inhabitants into a nervous frenzy that threatens the Atragarian Well.



The Atragarian Well is an underwater settlement tucked into a vertical sea cavern below the reef. Arethea, who you first met in Song of Dreams, helps manage the town and its skelf hatchery, though both are threatened by increasing chaos, panic, and untrustworthy guards.

Learning to love (and not hunt or fight or flee) the skelf will be easier after your visit to the hatchery, where you’ll find a special soul waiting to be “rescued” from his egg. Because Finric is the last of a cursed clutch, he will be left to perish unless you intervene. Will you save him (and gain a loyal skelf companion), knowing that his survival has serious consequences for the entire plane?



Not all skelf are cut out for adventure at your side, and Arethea needs you to take care of one in particular: Grenk. This troublemaker should be guarding the Well with the rest of her pack, but she has attached herself to a dangerous Akvan instead. Now, in the derelict Grotto of Horror, they work to convert even more skelf to a plot that threatens all of Atragaria.

Stopping Grenk and her pack thralls is paramount to saving the Plane of Water, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg in your adventure through Goboro Reef. Stay tuned for our second chapter of the zone preview to meet the Pelagic Order and the Manugo-obsessed Garr while you prepare for the voyage ahead!