Europe Reunited!


As we talked about last October, our goal over the last months has been to completely unify the European region into a single cluster. This will enable all players in Europe to freely play with one another, transferring between European shards to participate in activities on whichever shard they choose. Our engineers have completed the necessary work, and the reunification of the European shards is now set to happen on July 3, 2014!

Additionally, we’ve been putting in a lot of work behind the scenes to increase the capacity of our servers to be able to handle even more players. The only thing better than playing RIFT with your friends is playing with even more people! As a result, our servers can now handle enough players that we’re comfortable joining several of our shards together to give players more opportunities for interaction and adventure.

  • Brutmutter will be combined into Brutwacht.*Brutwacht will continue to be a German PvE shard.
  • Phynnious, the International PvP shard, will be combined with Bloodiron.*Bloodiron will be designated as an International PvP shard, reflecting its diverse population.

For more details, please check this FAQ.

We’re very excited that our hard work has paid off, and now European players will be able to join each other in battle to save Telara. Go forth Ascended, and adventure together!


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