Dress to the Nines in November: It’s Fashion Week!


To celebrate the conclusion of  RIFT Scene’s “Dress the Night Away” Contest, we’re selling ALL costumes and dyes for 25% off through next Wednesday, 11/27!

Want to see what the winning costume, by Exrou@Faeblight, looks like? Check it out below (alongside Boase@Greybriar and Daemonus@Wolfsbane, the contest runner-ups!) All three costumes are up on the RIFT Store for a limited time, exactly as they were designed by your fellow Telarans.

 In addition to decking out your character in spiffy new duds for a great price, you can also pick up brand new Exceptional dyes to wear the latest and greatest colors of the season in the Wardrobe>Dyes section. The new colours include pink, mint green, sapphire and more. Make yourself the most dapper citizen of Tempest Bay!

Fashion Week additions aren’t the only new things on the RIFT Store. Newly available rare essences for players between level 10 and 50 under Equipment>Essences!

We’re also introducing a new Greenscale’ Supply Crate lockbox: try your luck at getting the Ember Nebula or the Brown Riding Squirrel.

And finally, the ever elusive Black Dire Riding Squirrel returns in a special Limited Edition: Greenscale’s Supply Crate. It’s only available between 12:01 AM Friday through 11:59 PM Sunday server time!

Need Credits?  Fill up at the Trion Worlds account center!


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