Dream Weaving 101


Calling all Dimensioneers: Faratha, Dream Weaver extraordinaire (and lead tradeskill designer) has written a handy intro to the new RIFT crafting class. Read on for a look at recipes, materials, and how to get started. Welcome to weaving 101!

Tradeskill Highlights: The Stuff of Dreams

  • Placeable VFX: Dream Weavers craft visual effects for Dimensions – everything from candle flames to waterfalls. They also make weather blockers (goodbye, snow!) and terrain paints that color both the ground and building materials.
  • New Dimensions: From the red desert of Daazez Wastes to the rich jungle of Malluma Track, Dream Weavers craft the keys to 15 new Dimensions. With so many new Dimensions available, we’ve increased the number of active Dimensions that each character can have.
  • Dream Orbs: Dream Weavers make everyone more powerful with Dream Orbs. Applied like runes, Dream Orbs grant a semi-random (but always useful) stat bonus to some of your equipment.

Getting Started as a Dream Weaver …

Is easy! Just find one of three Dream Weaver trainers: Reva Song is standing next the Dimension key vendor in the canals of Tempest Bay, Halucinacio set up shop on Bahralt Street in Sanctum, and Imagi Song resides in the Manufactory in Meridian.

Make Your Own Crafting Station

Once you learn Dream Weaving from Reva, you can do what no other type of crafter can do: make your own crafting station. It’s called a Dream Focus, and it’s a Dimension item. Set your Dream Focus in your Dimension, stand near it, and you can weave all the dreams you like.

Recipe Materials

When you’re getting started, it helps to have a bunch of artifacts ready to salvage into dream ribbon. Be sure to use artifacts you don’t want for your own collections; the salvaging process “transitions” them permanently.

While you could reach max level in Dream Weaver using only dream ribbon, the coolest recipes use a variety of ingredients. Visual effect items take small amounts of cloth and harvested materials, while Dimension key recipes require lots of metal bars and lumber. Acquire the materials yourself, buy them from the auction house, or make friends with a harvester!

Power to the Dimensioneer: VFX Items and Dimensions

The Dream Weaver’s visual effect items are object-free. In other words, when you place a Dream Weaver’s light, you’re just working with the glow – not a lantern or lamppost. This gives you an amazing amount of design flexibility.


Even the simplest of the VFX – colored lights of various sizes – are powerful tools. You can shift the mood of your Dimension by lighting it with happy yellows, sad blues, or scary purples. To create a range of dynamic effects, try placing bright lights behind objects or reflecting lights off of ceilings.

And lights are just the beginning.

Fire and Smoke

If you’ve had a burning urge to play with fire, you’re in luck. With effects from candle-flame to wildfires (and the smoke to go with them), you can create that hellscape you’ve been dreaming of … or just light some braziers.

Particle Effects and Lightning

Decorating a desert? Toss in dust devils and quicksand. Building an ethereal fae paradise? Fill your gardens with glowing motes and drifting dandelion seeds. Want to simulate a mad engineer at work? Top your castle with intermittent lightning and lightning vortices.

Water Effects, Auras, and Weather Blockers

If you have a riparian area to enhance, you can add water drips, splashing water, and waterfalls. If you have a centerpiece you want everyone to notice, aim some god rays at it, or place some magic auras to make it sparkle and glow. If it’s snowing in your dimension, you can use weather blockers to keep the snow out of your house.

Introducing Terrain Paints

Terrain paints are a new and special type of visual effect. They are large, invisible, collisionless cylinders. When certain surfaces are within the bounds of one of these cylinders, they adopt the terrain paint’s texture. There are two kinds of paintable surfaces: the natural terrain of your Dimension and building blocks. Here are a couple of screenshots to demonstrate.

Here, I’ve placed a Life Terrain Paint inside the house in Faen’s Retreat along with some lamps and building blocks. It’s only coloring the blocks since they’re the only paintable surfaces within the cylinder. I’ve included the Dimension Items list so you can see what the texture of the blocks would be without the terrain paint.

Here, I’ve placed another Life Terrain Paint outside the house to give you a sense of scale. As you might expect, it … well … paints the terrain with life!


These great VFX wouldn’t do as much good without some fantastic new Dimensions to put them in. Six of the new Dimension maps are from Mathosia, eight are from Brevane or Dusken, and one isn’t anywhere at all. Actually, it is Anywhere, our largest Dimension by volume.

The Dream Weaver’s Dimensions are relatively open and clutter-free compared to earlier ones. Like Icewatch Stronghold, they have invisible walls instead of shimmering green boundaries. They bring great diversity to the landscapes available, and we hope they will spur your imagination – all the way from the visceral nightmare of the Pus Swamp to the serene mountain retreat of Bahralt’s Ascent.

Power to Everybody: Dream Orbs

While most of the Dream Weaver’s products are the purview of Dimensioneers, every player can use Dream Orbs.

Meet the Dream Orb

Dream Orbs are essentially a new type of rune. They stack with regular rune and augment bonuses, but can only be applied to Helmet, Neck, Shoulder, and Cape items that are over item level 38. They’ll only give you stats you can use, and they take your gear’s level into account. The higher the item level, the bigger the potential bonus.

Dream Orbs are single-use items; once applied, they cannot be removed. If you apply a Dream Orb to an item that already has one, the new Orb will overwrite the previous one’s stats. If you upgrade gear with a Dream Orb applied, it will lose its Orb bonuses as well.

Tech Talk Time: Dream Orbs

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