Don’t Miss The Reaper


The race is on to catch the season’s most sinister mounts – Reapers risen from the Plane of Death! Take the reins of these brooding horrors now through Nov. 1, when they’ll leave to haunt another land.

The Reaper is a rare drop from Crucia’s Reaper Supply Crates now available at the in-game RIFT Store.

The Armored Reaper is an achievement reward for equipping all 14 unique Autumn Harvest masks. Four of these (Jack-O-Lantern) masks are available at the RIFT World Event store. The 10 remaining (BoE) masks can be found in Autumn Harvest Grab Bags or can be traded with other players and/or found on the Auction House.

Track your progress in-game with the new “Reaping What You Sow” achievement, and complete it to ride away on the shoulders of Death!


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