Celebrate PC gaming with Trion all week!


To celebrate RIFT’s return to Steam, we’re kicking off a week long promotion to celebrate Trion’s PC Gaming Week. Starting today through Friday, November 1st, we’re offering limited time sales of some seriously epic loot.

Want to know more about what’s happening in RIFT and Defiance this week? Check out the full details below!


  • Pick up “Regulos’s Trove” lockbox between now and November 1st for a chance at Raid 1 Accessories – you could also unlock the black squirrel mount and be one of the first people in RIFT to ride around Telara on the world’s coolest giant squirrel.
  • For a limited time, 160% XP potions will be offered in the store. That’s double the XP boost of our normal potions!
  • Epic loot in the Dungeon Store just got a little more awesome with limited time Raid 1 Rings.
  • 20% boosts for everyone! All Currency and XP will have a 20% boost. That means add 20% to Player XP, Planar Attunement XP, Guild XP, Favor, Prestige, Dungeon Currency, Planarite, and Zone Event Currency. Have other bonus potions? That’s fine – they are stackable!


  • Starting October 26th, Jackpot Lock Boxes will be available in the store for a limited time. These lock boxes contain four rare-or-better pieces of gear and a 50% chance at getting ANOTHER lock box worth of gear.
  • Epic Mod Hoards are also making their debut in the store on Saturday. This mod hoard contains four never-before-seen epic-tier mods to trick out your ark hunter’s gear.
  • 25% boosts are activated in Defiance right now! Ark hunters will have a 25% boost to the chance of loot dropping AND a 25% XP boost AND a 25% weapon skill boost through November 1st.

While this is PC Gaming Celebration Week, all these new Defiance bonuses are happening on all platforms until November 1st!

Enjoy the loot, and have an awesome celebration week!