Celebrate 4 Years with Carnival of the Ascended!


On March 1, 2011 RIFT opened the doors to a world full of planar invaders, towering colossi, and an army of level-one Ascended. Two expansions, four islands, six dragons, and 22 updates later, Telara is turning four! Join the celebration now through Mar. 18 with our latest and greatest Carnival of the Ascended. Head to Sanctum or Meridian to kick off the festivities and begin the hunt for new masks, pets, treasures, and more.


  • Pad your stash of Carnival tickets by running daily Instant Adventures and impressing the crowds in Meridian or Sanctum with tales of your heroic deeds.
  • Discover new Carnival loot Piñatas during Instant Adventures in Goboro Reef. Each is stuffed with loot including special Pinata Prize Bags!
  • Need more tickets? John Tintan is looking for exotic materials from the Plane of Water to trade in Telara – save up and redeem your Diaphonous Cloth, Fabled Hides, Thalasite Crystals, and more.
  • In addition, a new Twisted Carousel Ram mount is available from a special Limited Edition Trove!


  • 4 Masks and Sea Colossus Balloon
  • Windup Pony, Valmera Cub, and Party Duck pets
  • 4th Anniversary Cape and Carnival Weapons!

Thanks, Ascended for four great years. Here’s to many more!


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