Black Friday Invasion Nov. 27 through Dec. 1: 50% Off Bundles and more!


Long lines. Winter weather. Hours of why-can’t-I-sleep-while-standing pain-waiting with the 49ers fan who knew the guy whose brother’s girlfriend was third from the front last year.

Let RIFT make it all better this weekend (and all without leaving home) with 50% off classic Collector’s Editions, Account Boosters, and more!

RIFT Black Friday Sale – Nov. 27 through Dec. 1

  • 50% off Classic Collector’s Pack: Includes 30 days of Patron Status, additional character and bag slots, and classic RIFT collector’s swag: The Ancient Tartagon Mount, Bogling Wastrel, and a 24-slot Collector’s Satchel.
  • 50% off RIFT Upgrade Bundle: Score a heaping helping of mounts, pets, and loot, plus a personal banker, teleporter, and 30 days of Patron Status.
  • 50% off Glory of the Ascended Pack: Experience RIFT in luxury with a variety of stylish mounts, costume items, pets, and 90 days of Patron Status.
  • 50% off Laethys’ Fortune Pack: The original Pack To End All Packs, Laethys’ Fortune includes 90 days of Patron Status plus eight expansion Souls, slots, mounts, pets, and more.

Meanwhile, at the in-game store…

  • 50% off Account Boosters: Unlock extra character and bag slots for RIFT Credits – great for free players!
  • Nightmare Tide™ Typhoon CE for 4,500 Credits: Available for RIFT Credits at the in-game store now through Dec. 1.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ascended!