Autumn Harvest Revived!


Telara’s season of ghoulish tricks and treats returns now through Nov. 12. Your favorite events from last year are back – but this season comes packed with a host of new prizes and frights!

Gather ‘round, Ascended. Your fortunes we’ll tell,

for these weeks of horror and nightmares from, well …

the unwholesome hovels where eye-stalks spy

for the minions and mounts in Autumn Harvest: Revived!

‘Tis the Season for Terror

The portals to the Realm of Autumn Harvest are open! Plunder loot that the Fae have stolen throughout the year – but beware: Seasonal Rifts bring the fight to Telara, and Monster Mash returns to Black Garden, turning combatants into shambling horrors, werewolves, and worse.

Skeletal Weapons

We’ve looked deep into your future, and we’re happy to say it’s grim! Collect an assortment of special Grim Blades, Smashers, Bows, and more from this year’s Autumn Harvest Grab Bags.

Wizards & Whiskers

Scare your friends in style with two new signature masks. This year’s theme is purrfectly magical … and guaranteed to haunt.

Armored Nightmares

You’ll be the terror of Telara atop this nightmarish mare – now available as a rare drop from new Armored Nightmare Lock Boxes. She’s fast, feisty, and engulfed in fetching flames. Tame her before the Lock Box disappears at Harvest’s end!

New Minions & Adventures

Who loves Autumn Harvest most of all? The season’s new Minions: Scythe, Necrawler, Azumel! Send them on special Harvest Adventures to reap the most candy of all.

Want to fill your bags with Credits before event’s end? Go ahead, treat yourself!


The staple map in League of Legends has received a visual overhaul and some new features.