Autumn Harvest returns October 17th


Autumn Harvest is just around the corner, stocked to the brim with ghoulish Warfronts, Spectral mounts, and Atrophinius’ stable of mischievous Fae. Preview the Harvest below and join the fun October 17!

The Harvest Master calls

Most of the year Atrophinius is a sot, a lay-about, or a rage-and-mead-fueled killing machine. During Autumn Harvest, though, he comes into his own as the Harvest Master, driving his minions to gather materials from all over Telara and make mead and other delights to last the year. Battle rapacious scarabs trying to devour the harvest, re-steal loot that belongs in Telara, and face off against fellow werewolves and vampires in a Monster-Mash Black Garden befitting the season!

Spectral rewards

Collect special reward tokens for helping Atrophinius and the Fae to spend on Spectral mounts and other rare loot.

New at the RIFT Store

A host of new outfits and items will be available in the RIFT Store to celebrate Autumn Harvest. We’ll have Halloween masks, limited-edition grab bags and supply crates, a new Dimension plus Dimension items, ninja costumes, and more.

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