Hello Ascended! Gingers here, and I wanted to give you all an in-depth look into the new Wardrobe System coming in our next update, Echoes of Madness (3.2). The updated Wardrobe System allows you to collect appearances and dyes as well as mix and match your wardrobe from a virtual archive of looks. Are you excited about it? I sure am!


  • Wardrobe appearances can now be collected and used on multiple wardrobes.
  • Rename your wardrobe sets.
  • Unlock new dye buckets.
  • New weapon wardrobe.
  • Mark dyes and appearances as favorites.
  • Set collections and achievements.
  • What to expect when this goes live.
  • What’s next?

Disclaimer: Images displayed here are mockups and are not the actual in-game UI. All features are still being coded and are not guaranteed to launch with 3.2 but we are trying very hard to make it happen. As always, features are subject to change. And now on to the fun stuff…

Appearance Unlocks

How are wardrobe appearances collected? When any weapon, equipment, or costume is added to your inventory, its appearance is automatically “collected” and unlocked for you, even if you can’t wear it. For example: Although as a Mage I can collect shield appearances, my Mage will not be able to wear them. But since these collections are region wide, the shield appearances will be usable on my alt Warrior.

What does this mean for your bank? Once the wardrobe appearance has been unlocked, you no longer have to hold onto that item; you are then free to do what you like with it such as sell, salvage, runebreak, or destroy it.

Wardrobe Sets

Open your character sheet through your start menu, go to Player > Character or use the (C) shortcut. Click the Wardrobe tab and you’ll see that your wardrobe sets are still located at the bottom of the wardrobe window. If you want to buy access to more wardrobe slots this is still the place to go.

Notice that each of your sets can now be renamed. The original set number will still be displayed for the use of slash commands. Tip: Use “/wardrobe 0” to display your No Wardrobe Set. Use “/wardrobe 1” to display your Wardrobe Set 1, etc.

Build your Outfit

Each item slot to the left of your character now functions as a button. For example, if I want to look for a helmet, I click the helmet item slot on the left, which will open the panel on the right.

The panel on the right will now display all helmets. If the helmet icon displays in full color then it is one that you have collected and you can use it, if the helmet is grayed out that means that you haven’t yet collected that appearance. Although it is not in the mockup above, there will be a checkbox that allows you to hide or show the appearances that you haven’t collected.

At the top of the panel, notice that there are two helmet icons. The helmet on the left shows what appearance you were wearing the last time that you saved (I’ll talk more on saving later), and the helmet on the right with the arrow pointing to it shows the new appearance that will be displayed for this outfit. If you don’t like the new look and want to undo it, simply click the small X button that is in the upper-right of the helmet icon.

To completely clear any of your wardrobe slot appearances, just right-click the slot by your character to empty it.


Dye Buckets (New): Most wardrobe appearances can be dyed. Notice the two small color buttons next to each item slot. The color button on the left is the slot’s primary color; the right side is the slot’s secondary color. Click any of the dye buttons to open up the right side panel which contain the dye buckets. A very limited selection of colors will be unlocked for free upon launch though most will be available for purchase with Credits.

  • Dying through the Wardrobe tab means that you are dying the SLOT, not the item. In this example, I have dyed the primary and secondary colors of my legs both black. If I then click on the legs button and swap to a different legs appearance, they will still appear black.
  • Why are dye buckets sold for Credits? How do I buy them? Dye buckets are a convenience feature and they are UNLIMITED use across your account.

Physical Dye Items (Old): The old dyes that physically sit in your inventory, including the ones made by crafters, can still be used and will not change. When used on the Character Tab, the dye will be consumed and change the color of the item. When used on the Wardrobe Tab, the dye will be consumed and change the color of the slot.

Dye Mode Toggle

Notice in the upper-right there are two toggle buttons. Only one mode can be selected at a time, either Paint Brush Mode or Paint Bucket Mode.

Paint Brush Mode: When this is toggled, you can only dye the specific item or slot that you have selected. Paint Bucket Mode: When this is toggled, you can use the selected color to dye any slot/item. If you want your entire outfit black, this will make it dying all of those slots quick and easy.


Once you are satisfied with your wardrobe and dye changes, you will need to click Save. If you have previewed a wardrobe or dye that you don’t yet own, that slot will return to its previous setting when you click Save (red error text will display when you are previewing something you don’t own). Saving works the same as it does in the Soul Tree window; if you close the window with X it WILL ask you if you want to save first. If you close using the Escape or the C shortcut it will NOT ask you to save and your changes will be lost.

Weapon Wardrobe

Old transfigure system: This system will not be changed and will still function. Players will still be able to use their baubles to transfigure the look of their worn weapon. However

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