Art imitates life


Happy Friday, all! As usual, we have a bunch of things to talk about in today’s update. Let’s get right to it!

First, we are still happily crunching away on the Beta 1 build candidate for our game. We are certainly not Beta-ready yet, but we are moving along nicely, as I mentioned in today’s livestream (

Secondly, there won’t be a Friday Night Fights battle this weekend. The reason is simple; we have been putting a lot of new content, code, etc. into the game and the build is quite unstable at the moment. Now, the good news there is that we have been putting a lot of new content, code, etc. into the game, and we’ll make it more stable as we go. As always, folks, we build the foundation before the battlements (much like our buildings!)

In terms of our biggest achievements this week, our lighting system definitely leads the charge. Below, I’ve got a number of screenshots to share with you, which will tell the tale much better than I can sum up in a few words.

Next, our new patcher is working great, and has been a big hit with our Backers. So, thanks again to JB and The Mod Squad for all their hard work, and it truly only gets better from here.  For those who haven’t seen them yet, here’s one of our Arthurian-themed images:

8728c Camelot Unchained 128d7f88 2c01 46d9 bd9c 7f5c3e76c445 Art imitates life

Also, crafting has been moving along nicely. It’s still pretty basic in its UI (/commands etc.), but is not just basic in terms of what you can already do with it. At the same time, Ben has been making a lot of progress getting the new components and abilities into the game. Beyond that, we have a list of fixes, improvements, etc. that we will save for our next User Stories update, but our progress has been excellent. One fun improvement was when Rob added doors to the game in a way that treats them as NPCs/combatants. That led to our ability to drown them with a water wall spell. Fun. Hmm, living doors, I wonder where they might fit in, deeper down the road? 8728c Camelot Unchained simple smile Art imitates life

Without further ado, it’s getting late here, let’s go to art world and check some things out.

First up, our thank you to our Mod Squad done, in all its ducky glory, by Sandra.

06d9e Camelot Unchained 01f90f9c 4972 4d6f 9919 6234e88c2088 Art imitates life

Next up, here’s some very special rocks.

fa48b Camelot Unchained 7f6fee2c b109 44c2 8458 7d60aeecc4a4 Art imitates life

And here’s some more rocks.

fa48b Camelot Unchained 99ad8614 901e 4602 be55 b8cb8e20f99c Art imitates life

And a circle from a Place of Power.

88618 Camelot Unchained 3996b666 31df 41db 8d14 4dbd2d90c2fc Art imitates life

CUers cannot live by rocks alone, so here are some loot sacks from the game.

f4e76 Camelot Unchained c344cb73 51a2 4b9d 99c3 1810bd13387d Art imitates life

And since we are going into Beta 1, we need some placeholder items for things that you will find scattered around the world while we work on getting mines and other interesting places into the game.

48dbc Camelot Unchained b359efae 08d9 42e6 bbeb 655d09508472 Art imitates life

We’ve talked about how we’ve been working on the lighting model for the game, and here’s a glow map.

5e26a Camelot Unchained a64f9875 e8dc 4420 9eeb e2e4df2f7337 Art imitates life

Here’s a materials test we were using in the game earlier today.

5e26a Camelot Unchained 2932aab9 5de6 449f a3e5 ad94d12d6d71 Art imitates life

Here’s an example of how we can add glowing objects to the world, now. Tyler actually created these glowing mushrooms two years ago, but now we make them actually glow, along with the tree trunks. This is a good example, on a small scale, of how we have set things up ahead of time, in order to actually use them later on. Progress continues apace!

123ff Camelot Unchained 9ffbd2f9 104b 46b5 aa2b 978ff136ba20 Art imitates life

Here are two more screenshots (unretouched as always) from the current build of the game.

56e6b Camelot Unchained a6938247 5472 4f12 b0fa 823eb7632844 Art imitates life

5c6d7 Camelot Unchained a4e98d45 e6ee 4292 9f78 374057279313 Art imitates life

Just a wee bit better than we used to have, right? And we’re not even close to having a complete lighting system in the game.

How’s some new work on our Tuatha Dé Danann armor. In this case, some heavy armor.

5c6d7 Camelot Unchained d263896c 8970 4225 87c1 8838a6d85115 Art imitates life

And to finish up today’s art/screenshot share, here’s something new and special from Sandra. It’s the first in what will be some fun comics about City State Entertainment and Camelot Unchained. We’ve been talking about doing this for more than two years, but better late than never, right? 8728c Camelot Unchained simple smile Art imitates life So, let’s start this off with a four-panel strip.

bdc2d Camelot Unchained 30008804 b20d 4615 bcbc 5949e12c049f Art imitates life

e4a54 Camelot Unchained 4f80f359 ac26 4587 b01e efb699a5cc0f Art imitates life

a0dbe Camelot Unchained 192d68d3 8ca9 4f6c bbce bca7c41dace8 Art imitates life

a0dbe Camelot Unchained 577bf092 8335 406c b0a8 29f7457af29c Art imitates life

I hope you enjoyed it. Lots of LOLs in the office when she showed it to us.

That’s all for now, folks. We’re going to be working over the weekend, so we may turn on the cameras at some point, as we did last week.

Have a great weekend, all!


P.S. Breaking news from Marc, just before we called it a night – “I just created the first crafted sword in the game!”

Camelot Unchained