Announcing our next Stretch Goal – Hug the World!

Thank you to all our Backers for their support in achieving our last goal – The Sound Engineer Cometh. We are continually humbled by your support. Without further ado, here’s our next goal:

Hug The World!

The funds from this Stretch Goal will allow us to contract/hire additional artists to accelerate the building out of the game world. Additionally, by using these artists to complete some of our planned workload, our current team will be able to focus their time on either adding other, unplanned assets to, and/or improving the quality of assets in the game world, as time permits. Because this is a 200K goal, we will begin the hiring cycle as soon as funding reaches the halfway mark.

As per our Stretch Goal policy and FPs, this Stretch Goal will not impact the development cycle of this game other than to help speed up the game’s development. Again, the resources from this Stretch Goal will be focused solely on speeding up the building out of the current vision for the world, and not a “new and improved” vision, which would endanger the current launch date, and as a secondary goal, to improve the quantity and quality of the world art at release.

BTW, the name of this Stretch Goal is also part of a quick contest. The first person to send an email to with the name of the movie that the phrase “Hug the World” was used will win a prize. In the event it was used in more than one movie, and we can confirm it, we will award multiple prizes.

As always, we thank you for your support and for completion of “The Sound Engineer Cometh!” We’ve had a lot of great sound engineers applying, and we’re really excited to begin the final phase.

– MJ



Contest is now over. We’ve got some quick and clever Backers – t

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