Guide for Rift Warrior Builds

The Warrior can presumably be one in all the foremost common categories in Rift: Planes of Telara. This plate armor-wearing category presently has eight souls you’re ready to choose between, which might fill damage-dealing and tanking roles.

Here you’ll discover one in all the most effective leveling builds for Rift Warrior which will enable you to level up quick and get easily.

Best Rift Warrior Builds for Leveling

To have the most effective Rift Warrior builds, you ought to opt for Paragon or Riftblade for your primary soul.


Paragon is that the best soul for leveling up. They deal wonderful injury and have a spread of powerful ranged attacks. in comparison to the massive two-handed weapons of Champion, you’ll notice that Paragon are abundant sturdier as the results of the extra Parry and has an especially improved ranged ability.

Paragon extremely excels when it’s meleeing, that no alternative souls are ready to accomplish as equal.

As for the supporting souls, you wish to induce Champion and Riftblade. just by having Riftblade equipped mutually of your souls, you’ll get access to the Air Blade ability, that may be a passive buff that considerably enhances your injury.

Additionally, obtaining Champion in your list of souls can get you access to Raging Bull, that makes obtaining from monster to monster lots easier. Slayer’s Bearing may be a passive buff that will increase injury by five-hitter, which needs solely four points within the Champion tree.

Because of these passive buffs that are simple to induce, you’re ready to tremendously improve your Paragon’s hurt with simply alittle investment. every of those buffs are definitely worthwhile.

As you level up additional, I recommend climbing the Paragon tree the maximum amount as you’re ready too and throw any left-over points in Riftblade. The passive skills of Elemental bit and Elemental Blade can massively increase your injury, so that they are extremely price obtaining.


Riftblade may be a terribly uncommon category that involves utilizing casted skills to deal primarily elemental injury. This category really will a shocking amount of harm with none caster-oriented gear.

While Riftblade don’t deal fairly the maximum amount injury as a traditional caster, the injury is extraordinarily similar. Moreover, you’ll have lots additional of HP and can be ready to placed on the plate armor, that what makes this category extraordinarily durable.

Furthermore, you are doing not got to use mana, which implies that you just are ready to essentially forged forever. you’ve got a rapid ranged snare and this category will extremely kite melee monsters with ease.

Although Riftblade doesn’t deal injury quite the maximum amount as a Paragon, it will deal a good deal of harm from vary. This provides one specific benefit: Rifts and PvP.

If you’re dealing melee injury, you’re lots additional susceptible to obtaining attacked when coping with Rifts, Invasions, or in cluster PvP.

The Riftblade will sit back and safely opt for monsters with the casters. It should additionally snare and kite elite monsters, creating it extraordinarily powerful for Rift encounters.

Rift Warrior Builds Conclusion

It is counseled for common gamers to decide on the Paragon build with Riftblade and Champion as your sub-souls. However, if you mainly want to require half within the invasion and rift events, try Riftblade to induce a secure and effective leveling build that are attending to enable you to participate in rifts.

Need to understand where specifically to put your soul points?

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